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Goods Insurance Services in Bangalore

Insurance is a mandatory during transportation of goods. Even though Varsha Packers known for its best packing and safe transportation; however there are factors that are beyond our control like accidents, fire, sabotage, riots etc. that can result in damages to your goods. Thus it is essential cut the losses due to any possible risk.Following are the types of coverage:

  • Transit Insurance: Here the compensation towards damages/loses are paid only if the vehicle meets with an accident.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: Here the compensationsare paid only if goods are in transit and damages/loses are caused due to theft, fire, accidents, and natural disasters or for a car, it may be caused by physical damage due to things falling on your car.
  • Storage Insurance: Here the compensation towards are paid only if goods are stored in a secure facility and damages/loses are caused due to Natural disasters such as major storms, floods, earthquakes, etc. or criminal acts such as vandalism, burglary or arson, to name a few, are impossible to predict.

And if there is no situations as stated above, then no claim for compensation can be made. We at Varsha Packers will ease your trouble of finding the right type of insurance and also thetrouble of undertaking the documentation for your goods

Good Insurance Services