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Transporting Pets Service

We at Varsha Packers respect the love and affection you have towards your pets, thus we take special care of your loved ones:

Dogs and Cats: The containers used to transport dogs and cats must be:

  • An assessment of your needs by conducting a preliminary survey
  • Spacious enough for the animal to sit in a natural position, turn around, and lie down
  • Equipped with a securely closing door that operates without any special tools, so that prevent escape of your pet
  • Made up of wood, metal or any material of sufficient strength to withstand normal transportation
  • Well ventilated with openings on at least three sides
  • Easy in lifting. Therefore must have handholds
  • Leak proof. A solid bottom is a must.
  • Roll-free. If the kennel has wheels, the wheels must be removed, retracted, or in some other way be made inoperable in order to prevent rolling
  • Padded with suitable absorbent material to ensure cleanliness from litter.
  • Build in containers for food and water, or one container with separate compartments so that the food and water will not mix together
  • A marking on top of it stating as "Live Animal" and This side Up (directional arrows) in letters
  • Dogs and cats less than 12 weeks of age may not be safe to transport, unless additional measure are considered.
  • Attached label with feeding and watering instructions; or attach written instructions not feed or water the animal.

Transporting Pets Services